The Next Health and Wellness Trend? Chat Marketing.

You’ve amassed a steady social following. You’ve advertised across social platforms. You’ve honed your business offerings, whether they’re online courses, 1:1 or group coaching, nutritional programs, or products.

But as you’ve grown your audience, it’s become increasingly difficult to reach individual followers on a deeper, more personal level. You can’t respond to every comment, and you can’t message each person independently. But as a coach, a nutritional leader, and as an influencer, your bottom line depends on forging personal relationships with your followers. After all, no one wants to feel like they’re one of hundreds receiving the same generic coaching or instruction. Because health and wellness are so personal — because they concern the way people look, feel, and exist in the world — the experts in the field are more than just #inspiration. People want their mind and body influencers to provide leadership and significance for their entire health and wellness journey.

No one wants to feel like they’re one of hundreds receiving the same generic coaching or instruction.

Moreover, as you grow beyond organic follows, you’ve realized it’s increasingly difficult to accelerate your audience growth through the established digital marketing channels. Social media is oversaturated with brands and influencers, email ends up in people’s spam folders 75% of the time, and mobile ads only have 1% click-through rates. That makes it slow and frustrating to build your audience through paid avenues.

That is why every health and wellness influencer should be employing Chat Marketing.

It might seem counterintuitive, but a chatbot enables you to have more personal, more impactful conversations with your followers. Chat provides you with a direct, human-to-human line to your audience, which means you can message people anytime about pertinent products, deals, courses, or challenges—and they can message you back.

It also means you can train people and hold them accountable for changing their health and lifestyle on the platforms they already live on. Six of the top ten most frequently used apps are messaging apps, so your presence alongside people’s friends and family feels organic and natural—like a trusted trainer or coach.

Furthermore, since chat is built on advanced AI, you can provide more personalized, bespoke coaching. the more people interact with your bot, the more data you collect on them, which means you can offer targeted product offerings, deals, and content.

You can learn, for example, what people’s gym habits are or what they cooked for dinner last night. If you know they live in midtown Manhattan and they practice yoga twice a week, you can inform them about your yoga line’s popup in Chelsea, or send them a link to your upcoming retreat in Bali — and you can suggest direct flights from JFK.

Chat Marketing can also massively boost your sales and revenue. Chat’s open rates are 85%, its engagement rates are 40%, and its conversion rates are 10%. That means people are more likely to read your messages, respond to them, and buy from you than on any other digital marketing platform.

Just ask influential fitness and nutritional expert Danette May. Since May deployed a chatbot last year, she says she’s significantly improved her customer support, generated tens of thousands of new leads, and increased revenue 10x over her previous Facebook strategy.

We’re calling it first: Chat Marketing is the future of marketing for health and wellness influencers.